The brand provides best first-relief from aches & pains and symptoms of cold & flu.
With scientifically proven ingredients and a strong brand heritage of over 50 years of existence, the brand offers a wide range of innovative products & formats for a wide range of ailments.

- Robb has become the household name for mentholated ointment and is the leading ointment brand in Nigeria. Robb has been in existence since 1962 and has evolved from a few products into a wide range of products which provide effective & fast relief for cold, catarrh, muscular aches and pains.
- Robb sponsored the Nigerian premier league in the 2011/12 season to show its commitment to Nigerian football and soccer loving consumers.
- Robb does not plan to rest on its oars, as it has exciting new range of products in the pipeline to meet the needs of both young and old consumers, active sportsmen and not so active everyday person.

The NEW FACE of Robb:
The Robb product portfolio consists of performance-driven products with scientifically proven active ingredients in varied formats.

Robb Original 1. Robb Original
- Robb original ointment provides effective quick relief from muscular aches and pains, nasal congestion and catarrh.
- It comes in two sizes: 4ml tin and 25ml jar.
Hot Robb 2. Hot Robb
- Hot Robb is the hot balm for fast pain relief. It is very effective for use before and after any physically exerting activities to help warm up and relax muscles.
- It is also very effective against joint aches and pain as well as back aches and pains.
- Best suitable for young adults with a very active lifestyle: Executives, sportsmen and women, artisans, old men and women.
Heatol 3. Heatol
- Heatol Chinese balm is based on a traditional Chinese remedy with high performing actives and deep penetrating heat which offers relief from rheumatic and arthritic pains.
Tarzan 4. Robb Tarzan 25ml
- Robb Tarzan is a herbal ointment for muscle Relaxation. Robb Tarzan Herbal is a quality ointment enriched with natural mustard seed ingredients that offers the most effective healing and relaxation to ease muscular aches.

Robb Inhaler 5. Robb Inhaler 1g
- Robb inhaler is Fast acting Inhaler that provides instant relief from nasal congestion and catarrh

Robb Sweets 6. Robb Menthol Sweets
- Robb Menthol sweets is a combination of menthol & peppermint oil that offers soothing relief from sore throats and flu while giving a strong fresh breath.

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